Reiki is universal life-force energy that cannot be forced upon a client. If the client is accepting of this energy the energy can be guided by a Reiki practitioner. It is a self healing technique in which the client’s Chakras are balanced and opened thus providing optimal energy movement throughout the body and it’s systems. Reiki emphasizes the benefits of living a life using the following Reiki principles as a foundation: Just for today…

Do not get angry

Do not worry

Show appreciation

Work on yourself

Be kind to others

*It is important to understand that my Source is God and I begin each session with prayer if indicated by my clients. However, this does not exclude anyone from receiving a Reiki session with me and all religions are welcome to receive channeling of the Universal Life-Force Energy. I do not diagnose conditions or interfere with treatment from a licensed medical professional.

Full Reiki Treatment: 50-60 minutes. $60