ThermoClear: The ThermoClear device offers low and high radio frequency for treatments of skin irregularities on all skin types, including thin, mature, and sensitive skin. The ThermoClear treatment only affects the top, or epidermal layer, of the skin giving you the benefits of minimal downtime while avoiding the risks associated with a more invasive treatment.

Contraindications for this treatment include:

Pregnancy, pacemaker or heart condition, uncontrolled high blood pressure, bleeding disorders and anticoagulants, diabetes, tendency to keloid scar, and any medications that could delay healing.

Treatments for the following skin imperfections include:

  • small spider capillaries

  • cherry angiomas

  • milia

  • sebaceous hyperplasia

  • sun/age spots

  • keratosis

  • fibromas

  • skin tags

  • cholesterol deposits

    As an esthetician, my work zones are face, neck and decollete, and at times the hands and back. I do not perform treatments on the legs. Depending on the imperfection being treated a 3-6 week follow up visit may be necessary. A second treatment for the original imperfections treated is included in the price of the service. Any new imperfections treated will be charged $75.

    ThermoClear Treatment: Consultation, 15 minutes of treatment, and follow up for original imperfections $75.




Skin tag treatment before, immediately after, and one week post treatment.


Sebaceous keratosis treatment before, immediately after, and one week post treatment.


Hyperpigmentation (sun spots) treatment before, immediately after, and one week post treatment.




What my clients say...


My skin is smoother!

“I’ve been seeing Irene regularly for a year. She stresses the importance of self care on all levels. The ThermoClear treatment for my cherry angioma and milia has improved my skin even further.

— L.V

A guys first facial.

“I didn't know what to expect, now I'm hooked.  My blackheads were immediatly less visible and my skin was smoother after the first treatment.”

— E.S.

My eyebrows are back!

“Since I've been seeing Irene for my eyebrow waxing the shape and fullness have returned.  I'm also very satisfied with the results from the upper lip and chin hair removal.”

— M.B.