Welcome to Vyronika Skin and Lash Studio

It's my belief that beauty is defined by the whole person. Body, soul, mind, and spirit. Balance in all these areas brings a more youthful and revealing reflection of who you are. The products you apply to your skin are equally as important as the care you supply to your whole self. As a licensed esthetician, I am focused on delivering personalized skincare and advanced facial treatments, dermaplaning, chemical peels, lash extension services, lash lifting treatments, waxing services; and Reiki treatments which are beneficial to your lifestyle and goals. I am certified in ThermoClear Radio Frequency which allows me to treat milia, cholesterol deposits, spider capillaries, skin tags, fibromas, sunspots, and keratosis with this modality. Following your personalized consultation, together we can select treatments and products to address your skin conditions or lash design to suit your personal preference. -Irene V. Kiner Owner



Facial treatments are designed to rejuvenate and improve the health of your skin.  Treatments are focused on improving your skin condition. Learn more.



Rezenerate Wand™ delivers maximum results without the pain and invasiveness of a medical procedure.  Learn more.

Chemical Peels

Cell turnover slows dramatically as we age. As this happens, it affects the skin’s appearance and texture. From fine lines and wrinkles to acne and hyperpigmentation, chemical peels are one of the most effective ways to address these changes.



Remove unwanted hair and leave your skin feeling smoother without the stubble. Learn more.


Voluminous, dark, semi-permanent eyelash extensions without mascara. Perfect for everyday or special occasions. Learn more.



Treatment of benign skin imperfections at the epidermal layer. The low and high radio frequency allows treatment on all skin types. Learn more.

Ingredients are important.

I am passionate about skincare and the elements involved in it (and I'm certifiably obsessed with creating lip balms).  The use of cruelty free product lines is of utmost importance to me.  I do an enormous amount of research before I use any products in my treatment line.  Even in my recipes for my own inventive creations I use mainly organic and fair trade ingredients. Dermalogica is the professional skin care line I have chosen to use during my facial treatments.  This line can be used to treat conditions from environmentally distressed and photo-damaged skin to congested, dry, dehydrated, or acneic skin.  These products are available retail allowing you to continue your home treatments.  My passion for developing non-gmo and natural skin care products allows me to create lip balms and body butters for your personal use.  In addition, I also carry retail from a European make-up line, Grande Cosmetics. Companies that give back to community and are involved in building a better future and sustaining the environment will have a long relationship with me.  

This is about you (and the benefits for you and your skin).

It's my hope to not only provide you with individual customized treatments, but also to expand your knowledge base (as well as mine).  New developments in technology, products, techniques, and ingredients are constantly evolving.  While I’m not a “product junkie” I do feel knowledge, education, and understanding are essential elements to overall skin care and health. 

Your comprehensive skin analysis, treatment goals, lifestyle and allergies, are taken into consideration during your consultation.  Recommendations are discussed post treatment.  Knowledge assists us in making better choices.  Ready to get started on your skincare journey? Book an appointment.