Pro Power Peel:

This chemical peel treatment is designed to increase exfoliation, soften skin texture, target hyper pigmentation; and increase cell renewal and turnover. The type of peel will be determined during your skin consultation and may include one or combination of the following acids: glycolic, lactic, TCA, or Salicylic with Mandelic and Malic Acids. Includes post care treatment kit. Chemical peels are most beneficial when performed in a series of treatments. 60 minutes. $130. Package of 3 $370.

Contour Facial Treatment:

Improves product penetration and delivery. Skin feels smooth, hydrated, and nourished. Includes signature facial plus the benefits of a contour mask. Not recommended for clients who are claustrophobic. 70 minutes. $80. Package of 3: $210.

Ion Active Thermal Treatment:

Leverages thermal activity to drive key ingredients faster and farther into the skin. Help reduce signs of aging, uneven skin tone, acne, or dehydration. Most beneficial with a series of at least 3 treatments. 70 minutes. $80. Package of 3: $210.

Stress Free Positive Eyelift:

Designed to alleviate fatigue, puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eye area. Includes exfoliation and mask with the addition of serums. 30 minutes. $35. With Rezenerate $50.